Insurance Solutions For Your Business

Protection through one of the best insurance companies

Insurance For Your Business

Insurance For Your Business

There’s no such thing as a “standard” insurance policy; each industry is unique and Lindbergh’s specialists understand yours. We can give you the best insurance options based on our experience with companies just like yours.

Home & Family Protection

Home & Family Protection

Your business and your personal insurance should work together to provide optimal coverage at the best price. We will review your Homeowners, Auto and Professional insurance, as well as other options, to make sure you’re covered.

Education & Resources

Education & Resources

Because we understand your industry, we can provide you with best practices, industry trends, discounts on continuing education, and communities to connect with other business people just like you.

At Lindbergh, we help professionals who run a business and may have concerns about:

  • Impact on family if the business suffers an insurance loss.
  • The ability to talk to a knowledgeable, live person who understands small businesses.


Real World Examples

By reviewing your existing business and personal insurance policies, we can help you save money and get better coverage...just like we did for these professionals.

A self-employed individual working out of his home was paying $500 a year for business insurance. We found a Work-From-Home plan that cost just $150 a year.

A small firm’s Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance increased 150%. Lindbergh negotiated a quote with broader Generally Liability and E&O coverage....for less than what they were paying originally.

After a small fender bender, a business owner was sued aggressively for more than her auto insurance limits. Lindbergh found her a $1,000,000 Personal Umbrella Policy covering her entire family for $174 a year.

One self-employed professional did not realize his current plan did not cover a data breach. We found a privacy protection policy that also covered personal injury liability as well as the notification required by the state, for just $300 a year.

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