Spring Cleaning for Businesses

by Kat O'Brien | April 26, 2017


We’re probably all familiar with the concept of “Spring cleaning”. As the season begins some of us take the opportunity to clean out our garages, wash our cars, and throw out superfluous paperwork. Spring cleaning is often associated with the home. However, did you ever wonder if your business could use a bit of Spring cleaning too?

Here are just a few simple ways that you could go about sprucing up your business this Spring:

Revisit Your Business Plan

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks of running a business. It’s also just as easy to get pretty far off track from your business plan. When was the last time, you took a step back and reviewed your business plan. Was it months ago? Last year? A decade ago? Maybe take some time this Spring to look at where your business is going and where you want it to be. Are you on the right path? If so, how could you get there quicker or better? If not, think about some ways that you could get your business back on the path outlined in your business plan.

Maybe you don’t think your business plan is right anymore. Maybe you’ve been taken in a different direction that you would like to explore. If so, consider rewriting a business plan and set dates for yourself to regularly go back and reevaluate to see how closely your business is meeting the expectations outlined.

Rethink Your Website and/ or Social Media

Now that you’ve revisited your business plan, maybe one of the things you need to adjust is your website. Could it use some updating? Does it look a little old-fashioned or is the information on it up to date? Have you been checking the comment section and the inbox on your website regularly? Consider rethinking your website and maybe optimizing it or giving it a new look.

The same principles can be applied to your social media. Have you been checking your messages lately? How many followers do you have? When was the last time you posted? Maybe you’ve been doing an awesome job on social media? If so, first of all, congratulations. Second of all, consider how you could turn this success into even more in the future. Maybe create a social media plan or if you already have one, do some research on how you could make your social media plan even better this season. Maybe the answer lies in new content or new content methods, like videos or podcasts.

Chip Away at Your Emails

It can seem daunting to many people and it is a common problem. If you literally have thousands of emails in your Inbox, now may be a good time to go through those and see which you can delete, which you can file elsewhere, etc. Perhaps schedule a few hours one day to focus on cleaning up your emails. Many face cleaning up their emails with dread but once you do it, you will likely feel renewed! After you’ve sifted through your emails and sorted them out, consider some practices you can adopt in the future to make sure the next time you clean up your emails, it won’t seem like such a big task. Perhaps create folders within your email where you can assign various items to organize them. Delete and organize emails as you go throughout your day to avoid having to do a massive email overhaul in the future.

Physically Clean Your Office

While metaphorically “cleaning” and “decluttering” your business is important, it’s also good to sometimes literally clean things up too. Cleaning up your office and getting everything tidy could not only help you run your business more efficiently since now you won’t be sifting through hundreds of stacks of papers to look for one document, it could also give you tremendous peace of mind. If you walk into your office and the mere sight of all that paper on your desk, all those old coffee cups and food wrappers fills you with stress and anxiety, do yourself a favor and start cleaning. Walking into an orderly office can do a lot of good. Once your office is clean and tidy, maybe consider redecorating. Perhaps paint one wall with a vibrant or soothing color to motivate or relax you as you work. Possibly hang your favorite painting on the wall or a beautiful picture from that place you’ve always wanted to visit. Add flowers or plants to your office to liven up the space. Make your office a productive environment that you look forward to going to every day.

By following these simple but vital suggestions, you and your business can look forward to the Spring and the rest of the year to come.


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