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Business Consultants Insurance from Lindbergh

Businesses today rely on the specialty knowledge and expertise of a business consultant to help fill the gaps in expertise within their organizations. Whether you are a human resources consultant, management consultant or marketing specialist, companies rely on your expertise to augment their in-house teams. Your professional reputation depends on meeting the expectations of a variety of parties to a project. Because of this, business consultants need business insurance to protect their assets. Lindbergh insurance has access to a variety of insurance providers with deep knowledge of the needs of small consulting firms. We are able to benchmark our insurance solutions against professionals just like you.

As your real-time personal assistant, one of our experienced agents will help you analyze your business coverage, as well as protection for your family and customized online educational materials. Learn more about our 3-step checkup process

With Lindbergh, you’ll know you are getting the right commercial policies to insure your ever-changing business – but also the specialized personal lines policies needed to protect yourself and your family as a business owner. There are risks and rewards of owning your own business; let Lindbergh help you safeguard against those risks so you can keep the rewards. If you need errors & omissions (E&O) insurance, require added protection for your auto and home, or want access to education that will help you grow your business all in one place, we can do it.

Why do Business Consultants Need Insurance?

Providing specialized professional services to your clients requires knowledge and understanding of their business. Your advice, opinions and recommendations are relied upon by your client to manage their business. Maybe you are hired to help clients find solutions to problems or to fill a gap in skills or resources. Whatever your role, you want to be able to adequately provide an opinion or recommendation in an unbiased, objective manner. For these reasons, your professional opinion comes under a great deal of pressure and scrutiny. You may not think you have liability, but any time you are performing professional services for others, you have liability if you make a mistake and cause your client to suffer economic damages.

How Lindbergh Works with You

Your time is valuable, and here at Lindbergh we understand that. We strive to make the application process smooth and easy. Our agents know that no two businesses are alike, and believe that coverage should reflect this. We know that running a small business takes time and sometimes you just need an expert to help you with the finer details of managing risk. Therefore, we appreciate that a nuanced understanding of all the hard work you do is required when determining coverage.

The specialists at Lindbergh work with small businesses like you every day. Lindbergh is an independent agency with access to many insurance companies. Our team has worked with business consultants for over 20 years bringing you an in-depth understanding of the risks you face. Through our specialized expertise, we hope to give you the peace of mind that comes with quality business protection.

How to Get Started – It’s Simple

You choose how you want to get in contact with us:

  • Call us at 844-563-2744
  • If you’d like us to contact you at your convenience, tell us a little bit about you and your business.
  • If you’re serious about getting a checkup on your business or personal insurance program, fill out our easy 10-point questionnaire. We’ll call you and give your business a customized evaluation.

Learn with Lindbergh

The pace of technology creates fantastic opportunities for those who want to learn and continue educating themselves. At Lindbergh, we create customized online educational content from CE webinars to podcasts and white papers about marketing and operational advice and industry trends.

We aim to treat each firm as a unique client, recognizing that every business consultant is different in their educational needs or desires for online resources. We’re here to help.



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