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What Can Lindbergh Insurance Do For You?

You provide solutions to your clients every day. Your reputation depends on meeting their high expectations. Your clients demand quality. At Lindbergh, we recognize that meeting client expectations requires specialized knowledge and training. We believe you should demand the same from your insurance partner.

We understand that, and want to provide holistic solutions for you and your livelihood. Our solutions help protect you as an owner, as well as provide you with tools that help your business grow. Many brokers may give you a quote that’s standard for your company size or industry. They don’t know how you run your business, cover your personal assets, or what your continuing education needs will be. Maybe you need a special event policy, have a teenage driver and need extra protection for your auto or home, or just want sound business insurance all in one place. We can do that. We find that each business we help is unique and a one-size fits all plan does not work for most small companies.

Lindbergh and its affiliated companies work with thousands of professionals and tradespeople each day giving us the ability to benchmark your insurance and educational programs against businesses similar to yours. You’ll receive the benefits that a large company expects from their insurance broker, that aren’t readily available to a small company like yours through other insurance agencies.

Our approach is unique in that we hyper focus on your profession or trade to provide better integration of business and owners insurance needs, glued together with highly efficient delivery of relevant content.

How to Insure Your Business through Lindbergh

Welcome to Lindbergh’s 3-step checkup process.  For a simple investment of 10-20 minutes, with just one call, you’ll speak to an experienced agent who can customize a program of business insurance, personal insurance and online content.

1. The Business Checkup

First, we give you a Business Checkup. Our agents conduct an easy, 10-minute review of your firm’s services and business coverage. This review will determine where you’re protected, and where there may be any gaps or holes in your commercial insurance program. With this knowledge, we’ll be able to find you a customized mix of policies based on services you provide, what type of clients you serve, your size, and growth strategy. Armed with our review, you can make an informed decision about how your business insurance program will protect you.

Interested in our business insurance solutions?  Call us at 844-563-2744 and we’ll walk you through the process.

2. Owners Checkup

To find out more about how your business may affect your personal assets, we spend 5 minutes on an Owners Checkup. Do you know how your business may be impacted by other areas of your personal life?

In addition to being a business owner, you may also be an auto owner, a homeowner, or a boat owner. Something you may not have thought of is if you or a family member has a car accident, who will the injured party look to for compensation? In today’s litigious environment, it may be your personal assets.

Regardless of your company’s size, an injured person with a damaged vehicle considers you, a business owner, as deep pockets with high net worth. If your personal assets are not adequately protected, your business may be at risk.

Lindbergh understands how your personal and professional integrate, and this knowledge allows us to get you access to specialized personal insurance products. For example, we can let you know about a personal umbrella policy designed to add insurance coverage to other coverage you may already have. Call Lindbergh at 844-563-2744 to find out more about custom-built solutions designed to protect the personal assets of small business owners.

3. Content Concierge

Lastly, let us be your Content Concierge. In addition to the Business and Owners Checkups we give to assess your current coverage, in 5 minutes more we can assess what information may be valuable to you and your business.

At Lindbergh, we create customized online educational content ‒ from CE webinars to podcasts, and white papers about everything from social media best practices to new industry trends. Our goal is to help you navigate directly to content relevant to knowledge  you  need not just about your business risk, but also about how to grow your business, giving you an ongoing competitive edge for continued success.

We aim to treat each client as an individual, recognizing that every business is unique in their educational needs or desire for online resources.

Getting Started is Simple

You choose how you want to get in contact with us:

  • Call us at 844-563-2744
  • If you’d like us to contact you when it’s convenient for you, tell us a little bit about your business. 
  • If you’re serious about getting a checkup on your business or personal insurance program, fill out our easy 10-point questionnaire. We’ll call you and give your business a customized evaluation.

Here at Lindbergh we are different. Find out more about why working with us will be a new experience for you.

Questions? Contact Us!

What Lindbergh Insurance Customers Say

Linda Longo LBL Designs | Westbrook, CT

“Yes I would recommend to another small business. In fact, I have given your name to lots of small business owners. I have always had prompt and courteous service. Thank you.”